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The Team

Who We Are


Stacey Roy

Co-Founder & CEO

Crafting her passions and hobbies into a career, Stacey is a self-made entrepreneur whose genuine positivity and high energy infectiously affect everyone she meets.  

She started on Youtube with "The Nerdy Bartender"- a wacky how-to series crafting pop-culture-themed cocktails.  Within just a couple of years of its inception, she was able to sell the series to a network in Hollywood, and together, they produced 2 seasons of The Nerdy Bartender TV show.  It was the third most popular series on the network and the most popular female-led show over the network's run!  

Also an A-List live streamer for Amazon, Stacey developed and hosted over 500 episodes of the award-winning flagship show "Cooking with Stacey" for Amazon Live.  

Not stopping there, in 2022, she won Season 3 of FOX's hit Primetime show, LEGO Masters!

When not front-of-camera, Stacey is directing and producing much of Whabam's product and brand content.   


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Mike Parkerson

Co-Founder & Head of Production

Mike is the talented editor, videographer and producer behind our video production company's success.        With a sharp eye for detail and a deep understanding of all aspects of the production process, Mike ensures that each project is executed flawlessly.

Get in touch with us to see him in action.


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Edwin Perez

Head of Audio & AI

Founder of The Creative Lab in Vancouver, Edwin is not only taking audio engineering to the next level; he is also utilizing new technologies in AI and Machine Learning to streamline projects both big and small.  


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